Selective Mutism and Sports

One topic that I think isn't really discussed very much when it comes to SM is sports. Sports have helped a lot of kids who have SM to break through. I have met others who have cited things like soccer or ice skating as the impetus that helped them to start communicating verbally. When I used to play tennis, I'd notice that when I was playing, it was easier for me to talk once the tank was empty and I was tired out. Well, why is that? Let's look at why sports can be such a positive influence. I'm not…
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Growing Up with Selective Mutism

Today we have a special guest writer. Her name is Julie, and she grew up with selective mutism. For most of her school life, she was shackled by silence until a kind family took her in and guided her to break those chains. The most striking thing about her story is that after she graduated from school, she could not fit in with the rest of the community because of the long term effects that SM had on her, and she became very depressed. For those of us who have been through hard times, this could very well be a…
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