Here is an exciting new book for people searching for answers about selective mutism.

A veteran clinician named Ruth Perednik has recently released a manual on how to understand and help the SM child. The book is called The Selective Mutism Treatment Guide.

According to Perednik, “Children with SM usually respond well to the appropriate treatment and break free of their silent shackles in a relatively short-term intervention program. What’s more, most of them become regular, normative children once they overcome selective mutism.”

Her book is divided into three sections: one manual for the parents, one for the teachers, and one for the therapist. Using all three parts of the book creates an approach that is very powerful. There is some repetition and overlapping information when these different manuals are juxtaposed, but the information is valuable and it is easy to read and understand. So even if you are a parent and read the section written for parents, you’ll want to read the rest of the book to really grasp the whole scope of the treatment.

There is also a section for the treatment of older kids with SM. Although it’s shorter, the techniques are explained clearly and shows the differences in the treatment once SM children grow up.

Perednik’s book is a concise and useful manual for anybody interested in finding out more about treating kids simultaneously in all their environments – at home, at school, and with the therapist.

Be sure to check out The Selective Mutism Treatment Guide (this link will take you to, and come back here to post your comments about it. We’d love to hear your feedback on her book.