Public Speaking and Selective Mutism

Last week I spoke at a literary reception at my college. I sent in six poems to Tetrahedra, the poetry and art publication on campus, and four of them made it into the final printing. Mrs. G, the editor of Tetrahedra, sent me an email a few weeks before, inviting me to this reception and telling me that one of my poems was getting an award. She also said that this was an opportunity for those involved to get up and say a few words. If it had been a few years ago, I'd have shuddered at the idea of…
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Selective Mute Teens and Adults

The first thing people usually ask me when I tell them that I had selective mutism is, "How did you get over it?" I haven't. Well, I have. It's a tough question. For a lot of kids with selective mutism, talking at home is normal, but talking at school and other public places is difficult and nearly impossible. But is it still considered selective mutism if that dynamic is flipped, so that talking in public places is normal, but the thought of talking at home causes panic and anxiety. The situation I'm dealing with now is more along those lines,…
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