Top 10 Ways To Tell You Have Selective Mutism

If you do a google or wikipedia search for selective mutism, you will find out that selective mutism is primarily characterized by being unable to speak in certain situations, especially in public places like school, despite being able to speak in other social situations. Here are some other ways to tell whether or not you have selective mutism. 1. People ask you why you don't talk, and then they look puzzled when you don't answer them. 2. You've thought about jobs that don't involve talking, like being a mime. 3. You've let the phone just ring cause you didn't want…
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Selective Mutism Firsthand

If you have had the opportunity to meet a selectively mute individual, there is a very good chance if you haven't already, that you've had that urge to just ask, "Why don't you talk?" Or if you have selective mutism yourself, there is a good chance you are sick of this question and any variation on it. Besides the obvious reason why a selective mute could not answer this question, it's difficult too because he/she probably doesn't know either. If they are very young, they most likely haven't developed the cognitive capacities for that level of self-introspection. But you might…
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