Hi, this is Seth from SM Online.

Have you suffered from Selective Mutism for most of your life?

Do you feel frustrated and trapped because of it?

Let me introduce a brand new service that I’m offering…

Your very own private coach to help you overcome Selective Mutism – something that’s regarded as one of the most misunderstood anxiety disorders out there.

Who am I and why should you listen to me?

I had Selective Mutism for many years… from as early as preschool, when I overheard the teacher mentioning to my parents that I hadn’t even spoken one word that day, to high school, when I hit rock bottom, battling depression, anxiety, and of course SM.

I first discovered the term Selective Mutism when one of my teachers showed me an article in “TIME” magazine about a girl who wouldn’t speak in certain situations. I remember taking the article from her, and going to read it by myself during lunchtime, and crying silently to myself in a corner. Before I’d read that article, I thought that I was the ONLY person in the world like me, and that no one would ever understand me.

When I finally discovered that what I had was NOT unique at all, and that there were others exactly like me, I felt a cascade of emotions… relieved that there was hope, but also sad that out of all the people at school, I had to be the one to deal with this.

At the time, I saw it as a curse. I wished I could just be normal.

Since then, I’ve had a wealth of life experiences to reframe things. Now I see that I was fortunate enough to find a way to beat it. There’s not a lot of information out there on SM. When I was growing up with it, there was EVEN LESS. I had no one to help me.

I was going around to Selective Mutism seminars in distant cities just to expose myself to people who actually knew about what I had, where I met some great people. However, the people I met were pretty much all professionals and academics.

I would have given anything to have some sort of mentor who’d been through it all and could give me advice, or just a friend who knew what I was going through.

Over the years, SM has gained a lot more awareness through efforts on the internet, forums, and especially facebook groups. I’ve since spoken to and read about many people with SM.

A select few have overcome their SM on their own as I had through trial and error.

However, there are many more stories that end tragically, where people end up as victims of SM, and they live their entire lives on a lower frequency than everyone else, trying with every breath to simply “cope” with their life.

I’m here to tell you that it DOESN’T HAVE TO BE THIS WAY.

There are TWO main things you should know.

#1 – Learning to deal with anxiety is a skill, just like learning to lift weights or cooking. You just need to train yourself with the right tools.

#2 – This will be a long-term journey. If you are trying to walk to the grocery store, you can’t just step outside and leap all the way there in one jump. You take many steps and over time the distance you’ve traveled adds up. A lot of people who have SM try the “leaping” way first. Every year is a new chance to “make the leap” and start talking to their classmates. This is the method I used in 10th grade to start talking. Sometimes this will work, however it’s not the most efficient way. Once I made the leap, I realized that I’d never learned to walk. So I was “stuck” at the grocery store, meaning I could say maybe one or two words to people, but didn’t say anything after that, had little social intuition, didn’t know how conversations worked, and ultimately I became even more frustrated then when I didn’t talk.

What is involved in coaching? How am I any different from a therapist?

I am not a therapist. Let me repeat that. I am NOT a therapist. I’ve spent most of my time finding out about the specifics and practicalities of SM, for example going to seminars, coaching kids with SM in special programs, and dealing with my own issues. If you are seeing a therapist, you should continue to use that resource. In fact, ideally you would see a professional in conjunction with this program to reap maximum benefits to your life.

The coaching program is a dynamic system, designed to help you using your own personal strengths and weaknesses. Here is what the coaching schedule involves:

Initial introduction where we customize a plan and I help you set goals.

Weekly Skype sessions going over your goals, progress, and sticking points. Instant messaging will be used initially in conjunction with face to face chat if needed.

Other topics covered in the Skype sessions include motivation, physiology, how to deal with school situations, how to handle or find a job, and any other personal areas or issues you may have questions about.

Customized weekly exercises tailored specifically to you. Just a warning, these exercises will challenge you more than anything you have ever experienced. It will be emotional, yet I will never ask you to do something I don’t think you can do.

24/7 email and SMS text where you can ask all your questions and have them answered by me personally.

Periodic progress reports to show how far you have come and what you need to work on further.

Don’t waste years of your life trying to figure it out for yourself like I did.

Learn from my mistakes and my successes, and shortcut your way to getting your life on track.

Now what do I ask from you? I have only two requirements.

#1 – You must be willing and open to trying new ideas and push yourself.

#2 – You must be dedicated and focused on this aspect of your life. Give 100%.

I have tried to make this program as affordable as possible.

As of now, the initial consultation is free of charge

This means you can see what it’s like and then change your mind if you feel like it is not for you. There’s zero risk for you.

I’ve spent years experiencing SM firsthand and many more years suffering from the offshoots of that. Tons of research and development went into this, and this has been a culmination of a lifetime of experiences.

At every step of the way I was constantly examining what I did and how I could recreate the benefits for someone else in my situation. SM seminars, personal development seminars, books, CDs… the total value in production costs is easily $10,000+. Of course I am not going to charge that.

For one month of coaching, you only pay $10,000, $5,000, $1,000, $500, $300.

This is the cost of an iPad or a new phone. You could easily spend $300 on a weekend trip to the mall.

But will you invest $300 into yourself?

If the answer is yes, sign up for a spot on the Personal Coaching program.

There is also a scholarship option if you are 18+ and don’t have a steady income due to SM. Contact me for details on this.

How to sign up:

1. Send an email to selectivemutismonline@gmail.com and include your name, age, and a brief description of your situation.

2. From there we will schedule your first session and discuss payment details.

P.S. This is the first time I’ve offered something like this to the general public.

I’m not sure how long I’ll continue to offer this service once seats fill up. Don’t miss out!


Also, you can try the program even more risk free. There is a 30 day money back guarantee. If you aren’t happy with the progress you are making with me, I will gladly issue a 100% refund.