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    Do we have a ribbon for sm? Like an actual official one that is recognized everywhere like the pink one for breast cancer? I’ve not seen or found one yet. I’ve been looking at these lists of colours n meanings for awareness
    ribbons. N I can’t believe there are so many for nearly everything under the sun except selective mutism. We need to come up with one colours logo etc, n put it out there for everyone to see. Get it on these lists of meanings. I know some sm groups
    sites etc have wristbands ribbons n their own products but we need a united official ribbon that everyone will recognize. Like the jigsaw for autism black n white for racism. We really need one like that. That stands out. This is what I put on Facebook. I’ve made some ribbon designs n submitted my idea to all the main sm sites n sm Facebook pages. I hope something comes out of it.

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    Hi potatoitus, sorry for the late reply.

    A ribbon sounds like a great idea! But I think the name awareness ribbon is a bit misleading. I am guessing that Autism, for example, got media attention and everybody knew about it before the ribbons came out, instead of the introduction of the ribbon leading to rise in awareness.

    So we have to get to the point where Selective Mutism gets as well known as other disorders, and then the ribbons will be very useful. In the meantime though, I think everyone would love to see your designs and wear them! Do you have a link?


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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