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    I was diagnosed with selective mutism aged 11 and worked with a speech therapist until the age of 16. At first I didn’t talk to anyone outside of my immediate family but with a lot of patience and perseverance I slowly built up my confidence. Age 16 I moved to a different school for 6th form but was still very quiet. I was determined to beat it and luckily found some great friends who helped me as much as they could. It really is a matter of personal determination and pushing yourself as much as possible. At first every little step was a challenge – at my first job I didn’t talk to anyone and I had to drop out of uni because I couldn’t make any friends. Then I got a new job in a shop, everyone was lovely to me and I made friends and slowly improved my confidence as I became better and better at my job. I started a new uni course and pushed myself to talk and socialise and made several friends there. It’s taken years but now my confidence is the highest it’s ever been. When I’m not studying I do some stage management work and promoting gigs and occasionaly get up on stage to introduce bands- wow! I have to use a phone to call strangers (once the scariest thing for me!) and a big part of working in the music industry is networking and meeting new people. I love it because it’s still such a buzz to me that I can do it!

    There are still lots of things that are scary for me and I struggle more than most people in social situations – the worst thing for me is being in a large group of people I don’t know well – it’s too easy for me to sit back and let everyone else do the talking. I’m still terrified of making phone calls but it gets easier with every one that I do. I struggle meeting new people. But I have no doubt that these things will get easier over time, it’s down to me pushing myself to achieve what I want to do. Remebering the 11 year old me who couldn’t even answer the register and was known throughout the school as ‘the girl who doesn’t talk’ I can see that I have already come so far far and well, if I can do that I can do anything!! Talking is the scariest thing in the world for me and yet I do it everyday. There is nothing now which I can’t achieve, I truely believe that. It’s a challenge but it’s worth the effort 😀 I’ll get there!

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    Hey Kelly, glad to see you on the website!

    That is incredible that you introduce bands on stage in front of an audience. I think that would be both exciting and a bit frightening even for a normal person, but your outlook on life is great and it is inspiring =D

    Talking does do loads for your confidence. I also believe that I can do anything. It’s true that if you really want to do something, you can.

    Hope to see more of you on here, Kelly =]


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    Hi Kelly, I can identify with you. The more you push yourself to talk, but more confident you become.
    I started a new job a few years ago in which I was required to speak. I have to call people from the lobby and then interview them. At first I was terrified. Just speaking with everyone staring at me was scary enough, but I was sure no one would be able to hear me since my voice is so “quiet”. Sometimes I have to repeat myself two or three times to be heard, but eventually they will hear me.
    As the years pass, it becomes easier. But a ringing phone still stops my heart in panic, even if just for a second. At work, I turn the ringer off and just watch for the flashing light.

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    Thanks 🙂 It’s amazing to be able to speak to other people like me. I was diagnosed 14 years ago now and I’ve never met another person with SM so it’s great to finally see that I’m not alone 😀 Some of the stories on here are so emotional and inspiring, I just wish I had found something like this when I was younger.. I hope it helps people who are in the same situation I was all those years ago. Thanks for being awesome, SM people!

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